Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Climate change language and Samoan traditional knowledge

Tulaga Ma'ale'ale: Vulnerability
Malosiaga e tali atu i suiga o le tau: Adaptive Capacity (to climate change).

Fascinating how climate change concepts have been translated - a palagi concept but we already have traditional terms and knowledge reating to our environment, including weather patterns and changes in seasons, our adaptation to climate change etc.

This is why I switch off when climate change "so called" experts are talking down to Pacific people or shall I just say, to indigenous people whose lives have revolved around the natural environment?

If anything, we all need to stop and ask our elders and consult with our history to better understand how they have adapted and lived with our environment.

Fai aku ai foi.

Okay, enough of this climate hoopla, my brain is hurting writing about it.

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