Friday, May 31, 2013

Atamai e Tautua mo Samoa

I'm lying here, leaves brushing gently upon my face, light, soft, fluttering.
Above me, the tamaligi stands bold. 
As it always has, over these short decades, watching students, just like me, lying at her base, daydreaming about life thereafter.
Life beyond those yellow gates...
...Yes, that yellow gate where you leave your glamour, glories and status.
Strip them bare and walk through the tarmac in your freshly pressed uniform and yellow jandals.
I reminisce of the times we first sat on the ground, in perfect order singing 
"Jesu Joy of Man's desiring" in perfect unison
 Fearful of the wrath of Mr Isara 
I look to the now derelict Junior block that once educated the leaders of Samoa today,
The students who now sing the praises of this very place,
Proudly, bondly, school spirited, "Atamai e tautua mo Samoa"
All around me, are the ghosts of those who have left us, 
Laughing, talking, holding hands, 
I lie here still, leaves fluttering upon my face 
With my ever present tamaligi dreams

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