Tuesday, April 09, 2013

It's a dog eating sausage day ....*yawns*

Did you hear the common joke about the Pacific guy to who goes abroad and heads to a takeaway shop with his palagi mate.
The islander sees "Hot Dogs" and happily orders one, because back in his island, dog is eaten.
Then the order arrives and he looks at the hot dog with disgust as said:
"We don't eat THAT part of the dog"
(cue in: laughter).

well....if Toleafoa Faafisi and Tiatia Liuga have their way....the above won't be a joke...choohoo!

Mind you, every time I watch a news item by Barbara Dreaver I view it with a pint of salt, squeezed lime and tequila., she does err on the side of exaggeration. but still, you can't help but be 'meia'd' by the so called honorable Ministers responses.

Luma o Samoana

Click out the video here...go straight to 00.28 and be prepared to laugh and by 00.56 you will be pissing yourself laughing....or if you are like my Aunty, then you will be so angry you will call your niece and say 
Aunty: "Who do they think they are...disgusting idiots, who are they?"
Me: "Err, aunty, their democratically elected Members of Parliament"
Aunty: "That is a load of bullshit...aikakae! we don't eat dogs...aue kefefe...who they think they are?"
Me: "Aunty relax, its just a joke"
Aunty: "Ea? what do you mean a joke?  thats not a joke....do you see me laughing???"
*I couldn't because she was calling my landline but I kept this to myself*
I'm tempted to give her the phone numbers to the above Ministers so she can call them directly and express her disappointment directly.

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