Thursday, March 28, 2013

Want some Pasifika inspiration?

Follow Sia Figiel's journey on Felatusi (:
But be prepared, she is not your lovey dovey soothing inspirational type but more of a "kick up the ass and do something about it" sorta way.
Just what a Lot of us need:
Thank you Sia Figiel for sharing your journey, I am learning so much about the evils of diabetes and in awe at how driven and 'straight-up' you are about the issues...seki a!

Today's updates:

So....HELLA crying!!! Ocean pouring. Flooding the halls of the West Valley Public Library! A nice woman came up to me and said, Sweetheart, are you ok? I heard you sobbing. Her son looked at me with concern also in his eyes. Are you ready? I went in this morning to see my doctor. He was on sabbatical (didn't know docs took these, but whateva). Anyways, a Dr. S was in his place and she looked at my chart and started beaming at my progress. I have consistently maintained a blood pressure of 122/74 over the last 5 months. Which she thought was ORsome and congratulated me on my weightloss. Now. I've been so caught up with my School Policy Translation that I'd forgotten to go in for my Blood tests. So right after she examined me. Did that test they do on feet and found that I could still feel but she did warn that with nerve damage, it can not be reversed. So, she told me to continue what I was doing and gave me a slip for the that I could check my A1C and Kidney Functions. Went down to Labs, took them at 11.30 and came straight to the library afterwards. It was at 4.30 that the phone rang. Dr. S says, are you sitting down? I'm like ummmm yeah? She goes girl, your A1C in November was 11.5. That's bad. Your A1C today is 7.1. Your kidneys are functioning normally. And you can jump up and down now because I am so so so (sic) proud of you girl! Dayam. I had to leave the chair where I was sitting...go to the Mystery/Fiction section and started balling. Like hella balling. And that's when that nice lady came up to me. When I told her what was happening, she goes: Well, darling. Those are tears of joy! Come here. You need you a hug girl! I have worked my ass off to get these results. So I know for a fact, that when you put your mind, heart and soul into your own healing, it can happen. It SO can happen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, I think I'm wearing my cape too. Hmmm don't trust those kids throwing it in the laundry. So I'm flying off home so that Debs can pick me up for a session at Gold's! BTW, the woman that hugged me, just left. Congratulations again, she says. Congratulations. And that's the latest from Warrior/Malaetoa Central. Shine bright like a diamond y'all. Now, less go kick some okoles brada!

The only other event in my life that equals todays fabulousness was when my editor, Tony Murrow of Pasifika Press, told me to sit down. ( Why do people always say that to me? Sit down Sia..we gotta tell you something...honestly!). Anyways, Tony told Mary the secretary to walk backwards and for me to sit down. Hmmmm....Then he proceeded to say, We've got some news from London. Where We Once Belonged has won the Best First Book for the South East Asia - Soiuth Pacific region of the Commonwealth Writer's Prize. Tony is a 100lbs pakeha. I think I must have lifted him up and threw him in the air while balling! And while the four of us were all in joyous noise. With Mary stepping forward with the most beautiful bouquet of gorgeous spring flowers I had eva laid eyes on. I had to tell someone. You know how we are. I ran across the street to where brada Mua Pua-Strickson was teaching a Creative Writing class and lifted him up in joyful noise. And when he hugged me and said Malo suga! That's when I knew, we knew. You know? Thank you all. Like everything here at Malaetoa Central, this is not my victory alone. This is ours! YayA! A-huh! Doin' the gangum style! Whop..Op..Op..Op..Op!....Gym Toime!!!!!!

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