Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuiga at Polyfest

So after a month of mean people online, I came across an image that reduced me to tears.
Happy reflective relieved reassuring Viia le Alii kind of tears, 
When I see this, I am reminded of why I started this tuiga journey
I love the joy, the celebration and fanfare that comes with wearing one and being surrounding by your loved ones and thank you, to Moana for wearing this with pride and class and beauty.

Image copied without permission off SuaWilliam Sio's Facebook page belonging to Lealaiauloto Elsie Ropati.


QueenB said...

OMG! I saw this picture too and I thought the Tuiga looked a lot like the one you made lol

Goddess said...

you mean the one I 'made up?' are you Boss? hows the view today? mastering the Alt Tab keys this arvo? bahahah

kuaback said...

aaaahhhhh...Congratulatons goddess. good stuff and absolutely gorgeous Tuigas :)