Monday, March 18, 2013

Too many professionals, not enough slaves.

So, this is a vent-a-thon. Feel free to walk away now and remain positive.

Sometimes, I feel that Samoans are the worse critics around, 
which is fine, but most of the time, I am sad that for many, that is it,
Just criticize but not prepared to give ideas, help and provide constructive criticism.

Example: A group are asked to translate a document, NOBODY does it.
5 weeks ago, I saw the deadline looming and offered to do it. 
I sent it to the group and asked everyone to read through and please change/delete/improve.
Only 2 people did it. Thank you!
Nekk minut, it goes beyond our small group and suddenly, EVERYONE is a professor of the Samoan language and questioning the terms and structure and so forth.
And in my head I am thinking, I should have inserted this as a final line:

"Ga fai aku lava kou ufa e fa'aliliu le pepa ae le faamaga mai se isi ae o lea ua kou fia Falealili fua ma fia aia mai i luma o kagaka? ....Aikakaaaaae"

Vent-athon over.

Have a wonderful week everyone and surround yourselves with people who challenge you, inspire you, and not those who just criticize criticize and criticize. 

Thank you 

Goddess of Lost in translation


Goldgurl said...

Sa'o lelei oe!!

ReaderWriter said...

Malo le onosai lol Sounds a bit like the 'Little Red Hen'story. One person does all the work and everyone else jumps in to get the glory

Lila Vagana said...

LMFBAO (Fat Baloomba). Thank you for kicking off my Aso Sa with a G! damn roaring laugh.