Friday, March 01, 2013

Rediscovering our childhood books.

When we were in Savaii in December, I spent a day going through our old books (well, and through all the drawers, cupboards etc).
I found so many from when we were younger- some from primary school, my siblings exercise books and books that guests had donated to our library.
Many of these books formed a lot of our understanding about lots of things.

Like that Teen book which my older sibling first learned about sex.
But it had things like "Have a talk with your family about these issues and they will be able to discuss this with you" This author clearly has not met my uncle, or the rest of my family for that matter.
The whole sex discussion would have gone like this:
Me: "Hi Uncle, I want to know about what se......"
Sudden back-hand to the chin, girl slams into the wall and sex talk comes to an abrupt end:
 "Ia tatou tatalo....Ua soona olioli nei"

We all had a wee shock with the Red Cross Manual which had illustrations of how to help a mother in labour....I remember thinking, WTF! a baby comes out of ttthat?

Mom helped the team from National Geographic when they came to Samoa in the 80s, she asks them for any books to be sent to us. We own a comprehensive Encyclopedia set and as we grew older, lots of the village kids used it too.

American States
I am not sure if this is also a National Geographic gift but for some reason, we have a set of books about every American state, what each is well known for, history, geography, economy etc,.
Great books to have a leaf through when one's england was a little err, nonexistent.

Foreign Books
Nothing pissed me off more than finding books by well known authors but all in German, French, Spanish or where-ever the guest came from.

Small Islands Big Issue/-Conservation - Environment -Mangroves-SIDS-NGOs-Red Cross-Eco-tourism
 From all those conferences Mom attends, wow - we really did get exposed to these early.

Song Dedication Books
 Okay, so my older sisters were the queens of these, esp the eldest....a book with all the lyrics of the songs and cut outs of Cindy Lauper, hahahah....and lots of sayings and dedications to her besties, auuuuu...aikakae!
This was the era before digital and was tuning into the radio and memorizing the lyrics and if you had a tape recorder, then it was press play and stop, copy words, rewind, replay....tape get tangled, open and fix tangle and resume copying.
Oh my lord this is funny.

Bible belonging to little sister 
 We all owned a Bible each and on the front and back pages, it was littered with encouraging messages from friends. The one I found belonged to my lil sister when she was in Samoa College Hostel. Funny messages there too...and lots of 'gangs'...when several friends create groups after their initials....fefe e i le au ai suavai! haha.
As an aside, we used to take photos in our Bibles so we could pass it around when our heads were bowed in prayer at church....I remember the show offs with the pics of their "cousin in America" ...even though they have no idea who the person is.  choohooo!

Okay, that's enough, I am shaming my siblings enough as it is, but in my defence, some of them deserve it because they are posting very unflattering images of my highness on bookfacials. Kae.


nola said...

lol! this is so funny, we lived miles apart but I swear my upbringing is littered with similar memories i.e tape playing fast forwards, rewind pause, dedications to made up gangs, books and encyclopedias- man the days of no internet the encyclopedia was the shizzle... to think we have lived through that era and now are into this techo internet era too!!

Goddess said...

ga la! and tuning in to FM,..."this goes out to my girls(x30 names) not forgetting (x20 names) oka se fia famous o gei moipis bahaha...I'm trying to do the same now for my two, less tv and more books, so far so good.
At least your girls have the best of both worlds and hearing both languages in the motherland.
Hows the shop going? hope all good and you have time to breath and sleep! alofa atu