Monday, March 11, 2013

O se fa'asa'oga faamolemole

Last week, I saw a tuiga image on a design made for a group.
The image was of a Tuiga I made.
Naturally, I was confused, because I made it and someone else is claiming it as theirs....but as you would have it, I got burnt for even asking, and I got called several unpleasant things on facebook and in private messages.
So here is the explanation from the graphic designer from Amelika Samoa who 'created' that image below:
Hello there,
I am so sorry for the inconvenience this humble designer may have caused you. In true and honest words, I did not take a single picture from your Tuigas to make the Tuiga presented in the design.

If you look closely, the Tuiga is a little cartoonish. This is what we designers call a "vector design". I order to make a vector design, we draw the picture from scratch. Using basic shapes and colors until we make what we want. I will be honest with you though, I did look up the term tuiga on google, but I found hundreds of pictures. But when I do this, it is only to capture a simple idea. Like for example, by searching up Tuiga, i learned that:

the basic colors of the Tuiga are red and and brow(for the fala)
that the tuiga always have either a circle or a diamon as jewelry to make it look nice.
these are some of the ideas I picked up by searching up the term "Tuiga" on google.

So maybe I came across a picture that might have been yours, and it got stuck in my head, but I assure you the tuiga in the design is not a "copy and paste" tuiga.
Ma lo'u loto maualalo lava, I say again that the Tuiga in the design is not from your gallery.

I really hop this resolves this.
I will give this to you tho', since you claim that it might be yours, I am willing to change the design free of charge for *******, and do another Tuiga for the design. It will take me some time (and i'm not getting paid for it) but to keep the peace, I am willing.

'O le filemu 'o le 'auala sili lava lea. :)

So jut let me know, and I will get down to it asap .
I am so sorry again if this design has caused you any trouble.

Thank you so much for putting your time out to sort this out, because I believe that this had the potential to get out of hand, but you decided for it not to. :)
Hope to hear from you soon.

'Ia manuia lava toega 'o le aso.

(I then sent him the image that I took and the fact that his imaginary creation was a cut and paste of my image, but, I told him I didn't have time to waste on all this, so whatever, forget about it and move on. While he is a sincere apologetic person on private messages, he was NOT in the general as far as everyone was concerned, he was the champ and I'm the deceitful person claiming what's not mine, and still i continued to get hate mail):

They are identical ! This is interesting.

But I myself can spot big differences from this and my design.

and I did not use photoshop to make the design, I used Illustrator.
Although you do have a point. I admire your love for the culture.

You have the right to accuse me of so. Humbly, I will not fight this. I'd rather save everyone's precious energy and time, and make a new design. Maybe this time i'll record myself and how I come up with the art that I do. :)

Thank you again for your time. You are right, your tuigas are beautiful. My bestfriend's mom (In Fagasa) does this for a living also. Such talent.
Fa'amanuia atu Le Ali'i ia te 'oe ma lau taleni fa'apitoa.

My final message to the graphic designer (again, ongoing angry messages coming thru):
Hi K**** L** Y***,
They are so identical that even the feathers blocking the left stick matches your creation, as well as the shells, and the hair on the please stop playing victim on the comments and apologise to(the person who bought the design) ****** about the fact that you have used my shame in admitting bro....and FYI, I am getting hate mail all because you continue to deny what you have done.

Okay, I've said my part, thank you and any more angry messages, please email to

The tuiga I made with my two hands in 2012, but hey, I'm just making stuff up...remember? ):


Almost Persuaded said...

Yes identical and yay for you standing up for yourself!

QueenB said...

OMG! This is absolutely absurd! Every Ioage, Malia and Paki can tell that that purido copied your Kuiga. Kafefe, fia maua mai la le kanak lea se'i fasi. Even the feathers have been copied, or did he imagine those into the exact same place too? Hope you're well Goddess, ma meli mai.. So we can bitch about this in person lol

Laura Toailoa said...

The feathers and shells are positioned in the EXACT same ways in the two photos. The light reflects ABOSOLUTELY INDENTICALLY.
No two things are ever exactly the same - and this is one tuiga.

Blaaaardy sik kids.

Elizabeth To’oā MacDonald said...

I can easily make that "cartoonish" effect in any simple image editor. He might have tweaked the image a little but the original definitely looks like yours.

Lani Wendt Young said...

Im angry on your behalf. They are OBVIOUSLY the same tuiga. So frustrating!