Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sia Figiel has diabetes. Diabetes doesn't have her.

Sia Figiel shares her story in the most extreme way possible in her fight against diabetes.
Please like her page if you know someone or are affected by diabetes , and spread the word.
We need to face the music and accept that We. Have. A. Problem and, if we do nothing about it, we are doomed.

She also shares a video "Sia at the dentist" and it is so shocking but it works for me. I respect and admire her for what she doing, especially when we live in a community that don't like to discuss these touchy issues......but think about it, We have lost so many people to diabetes.
I lost one of my favourite aunts in the world to diabetes, Lotofoa Tiatia.
I'll always remember her as someone who was calm and sincere and very kind to the children, but best of all, always had a stash of biscuits for us when we came round (:
I always think of her when I see sweeteners, and I am mindful also that she was slim, working long hours as a nurse and walked lots, but after many years, she was admitted and had her leg amputated.
That was the saddest thing ever, seeing her in that condition.
It can happen to anyone....but as Pacific islanders, we a more susceptible and our lifestyles don't help either.

Who have you lost to diabetes?

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