Monday, February 18, 2013

Sex Lies and Separating Science from Ideology

If you're Samoan, or have studied Pacific Anthropology, you would have come across two names:

Margaret Mead and Derek Freeman.

Please do your own background reading if you want to know, because I am world famous for distorting information for my own benefit (on this blog only:)

Anyhow, here's a recent article about the above two, where yet another anthropologist now turns on Freeman and hacks his work and credibility to pieces....gee, for a dying breed, they should be supporting each other not killing each other's work off!

Read the Sex Lies and Separating Science from Ideology article in The Atlantic.

So,the message is: if you are a Samoan woman, or a Samoan anything, don't make quick judgement calls, go read Mead first, and then Derek and whoever else...

My point is, ...When you read Mead's work, there are some truths in there that will make you cringe, ...while we (not me) will continue to cry foul over her 'research' findings and observations., I leave you with this:

"Margaret Mead hits the coconut on the forehead when she referred to young Samoan women, whether we agree or not.
           Because behind every virtuous God-fearing bible wielding Samoan woman, lurks a porn-star ready to swing from the rafters"

Goddess of Anthropology

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