Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What should I aim to do well this year?

Auoi Kefefe, January is about to end and I have not figured out clearly what my short term goals are for 2013.
I hope this is not how the rest of the year will pan out, but let me lay out what I have in mind:

- Do 5 tuigas a month so I don't have to struggle trying to finish orders at the last minute (Starting Feb).
- Learn and speak better French (than my 5 year old).
- Speak more Samoan to the jungle children.(contradictory muchos).
- Get MMoelagi into an afterschool class near home.
- Get back in touch with research interest, labour, sustainable business, cultural adaptation to climate change.
- Professional development: do a refresher Economics paper because I am seeing blanks after 3 years away.
- Do sometime to volunteer my time, but make sure it benefits me as well (because I'm a selfish human being Nuff said.), like Oxfam, InnovateChange, SBN, Econ policy, whatever.
- Lani Wendt Young is encouraging us all to write our own stories.,...and gawd, I have a collections of stories at home but most of these stories are not very appropriate, haha,,,,so I will come back to this soon. 

Now, what am I good at?

- Talking
- Telling fagogos
- Eating
- Making crafts
- Inspiring young people
- Networking
- Looking pretty
OMG I'm friggin' amazing....screw these plans, I'm AMAZING!

Good bye, 

Goddess of Too-sure.

But if you have any suggestions about helping me be more amazing, or be less 'too sure fia kanak' please let me know, comment or email me at jtiatia at. gmail dot com.

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