Sunday, January 06, 2013

Savaii birthday celebrations, done. phew

Mom's birthday celebrations went as well as any samoan affair can go, full of laughter, food, noisy children, faiga lotus and a price tag...but otherwise, all went really well.
the children enjoyed playing under the mango tree, eating fruit and snacking on taro and whatever was given to them,.
Lots of hours spent at the pool, or beach or any other water hole we came across.
Savaii was not really affected by the cyclone, so the christmas spirit was still evident, volleyball nets struck and kakao games by the roadside.
now we're back to Apia, CJ is not far from her due date.
We are secretly hoping her births before we leave.
okay, not so secretly....we WANT her to have the baby while were here, No pressure at all.
Heres hoping we all have a healthy useful 2013.
Much love, 

Sunburnt Goddess.

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