Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Samoans get fat together

I stood in front of the unforgiving mirror and scorned at my added weight.
My ass has increased, but not in a JLo like of way,
No, in a Samoan sort of way, here there, everywhere.
Throw in the hips and the thighs,
Auoi kafefe, I have a lot of work to do before I can hits the catwalks of Milano this summer (in like, Never).
So I decided that today, would be the start of my health regime, ...nothing drastic, just eating healthy, exercise after work and going to sleep early, eating dinner earlier and reduce carbs.
I was in the right frame of mind, and spirit: I am on the right track. Wooohoooo!
Then the door opens and Aunty Evo noisily plonks her shopping on the table:
She's brought some breakfast: Panipopo, pagikeke and .....suafa'i (which I hate with a burning passion).
Now this is where I can confidently say that Samoans don't just get fat.
They like to get fat...TOGETHER with other Samoans.
I had these angry thoughts and tell Evo off that I am trying to have a healthy lifestyle.
She smiles and drops 2 panipopos on my plate "Eh, don't waste the food, these ones are really hot and dalicious, just have a bite".

...Goddess to Base: Healthy Mission aborted, Start tomorrow.   


lilidonna said...

This is the story of my life! lol After an ok breakfast of vogels and tea this morning, someone comes home with panikekes (oil saturating the paper bag and everything...) and what do ya know, I find myself having a SECOND breakfast of deep fried flour and sugar. What can I say, it's how we bond? lol xx

Goddess said...

omg you too? must be pagikeke week....no good! at least i know im not alone in this losing battle (: start again...