Monday, January 21, 2013

Samoan ghosts can travel

There are ghosts everywhere we go, they walk beside us.
They stroke our feet at night,
They scorned at our lack of care for their (non)-existence.
They slap us in the face when we don't respect.
Ghosts are around us. Ghosts make us sick just to punish us, but more so to send us a message. 
And the only people that can reveal that angry ghost and their message is a Samoan healer.

Now this is another spin off of the book I mentioned last week, but I'll just discuss something about ghosts in Samoa for today.

Did you know that Samoan ghosts can actually travel to overseas countries?
Eio....they can, I'm not sure if they travel economy or do the whole ghost time travel thing but the fact is, they do.
I say this because some people left Samoa thinking that they can leave their ghosts behind, only to get deadly sick in New Zealand, or Germany or Alaska because their ghost followed them there.
There is some reprieve in that there are now Samoan healers in many of these countries, but for the most part, you have to return to Samoa to face the music, with your ghost.
There are also friendly ghosts (spirits) phew!
I remember a friend of an ex-friend, who went to Lotofaga to spend the night at a good friend's home by the sea. 
Her friend who owned this majestic Samoan afolau casually mentioned over dinner that her family women tend to be around during the night, just to keep an eye over her, so don't be afraid, they might give her a fofo (massage).
Bless, they had just consumed copious amounts of red wine, so the comment fell on toxic ears at this point.
But during the night, she did notice two women by her bed,
Naturally, she just about shat her undies while she laid there frozen with fear, but recalled her friend's comments about them being friendly. 
One went to the one end of the bed and massaged her feet, the other, her head.
You are probably laughing about how this sound silly and unreal, but it is true.
She woke up refreshed and at peace, and continues to return to this place because she loves being around these calm and peaceful old ladies. 

I'm talking ghosts today because there is an entourage of people in Samoa today seeking reprieve from an ailment which they have decided is a ma'i Samoa. But in their particular case, I believe it ain't a ghost.
And NO fofo Samoa can heal this particular problem.
To save them the hassle of seeking more healers, here the message from the other side, telecast free by yours truly. This is a special I am running for today only, but hurry, limited slots left.

"Stop being bullies and walking all over other people. Particularly people who have done so much for you and yours. Think of the future and of peace. You can't take your glory and your riches to the grave. So brighten up, smile and have some manners. Throwing a tantrum aint going to make a damn difference. Think about your children and make sure they grow up in an environment where they are loved and respected by their families, not hated because of your actions. Best wishes from the other side"

There you have it folks, ...have a great day to you and your ghosts.

Goddess of Ghosts.

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