Friday, January 11, 2013

Im not gonna bathe, in the river

Last week, I found myself in Lalovaea, watching the stream in front of the house, now clogged up with breadfruit trees, banana stumps, debris and all other rubbish from the motherbitches upstream. Pardon the oratory lingo.
What pissed me off even more is the plastic foam (polystyrene) flowing through most likely from the Chinese construction group at Motootua Hospital....Im not hating the Chinese here, just making an uncertain accusation against the most likely culprits.
In any case, it was a mess and our wee ford in the front is now becoming clogged and the rubbish is an eye sore and beginning to stink.
Everyday, the rubbish is collected (plastics) but the next day more come through.
Anyhow, after a moment of angry thoughts, I had an epiphany (because I'm spethial, remember) and I got a rake and went to work trying to clear the ford.
I am not going down the road of certain good samaritans  from NZ who facebook themselves doing their great work and patting their own backs...No way.
But I will blog about it....I went to work (alleluia) and then all the men in the house came to help, with rakes and machetes and manpower.
Then I realised, they were more effective than me and so I supervised and collected loose (light) debris.
Then my mother came along and supervised me and the men, and then on the 3rd hour I asked myself 
"What was I thinking?"
This was so much easier back in high school, you just pay 8 year olds from down the road $2 each and they hopped in the water to clear it. (Despite none of them knowing how to swim, minor detail).
In any case, the river is flowing again through our madaken little bridge and now the chinese polystyrene and rubbish is flowing smoothly ...downstream, 

All is well in the universe for now,

River Goddess
 She's unhappy about the bridge after Cyclone Evan. Photo by Cherelle Jackson used without permission.

Latest Update: 13th Jan: The bridge is half gone from yesterday's flooding.
...on the bright side, .....errr,nevermind. 


QueenB said...

I've lost the will to write...sadly lol but I log on to blogger to read what Goddess is upto hehe.. Keep it up love :)

Goddess said...

I miss you sure you have a lot of goss from your Samoa trip!!!Come back!!! I can give you topics to write about ....start with "Kinky Priest" please! hahah....I miss you!!.