Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Celebrations, New Life and Alleluia!

Two days ago my beautiful sister (the youngest ) Lagipoiva had a baby of her own at Motootua and we are so so so so over the moon with joy. 
Malelega posted about it on her blog along with the songs from the TTC, which I just played in the office on loud speakers.
Naturally, you choohoooo and dance with joy.
We are laughing about it now but she should be called Stormchaser because Cyclone Gary hung around and then moved eastward before she graced this world with her presence. 
Congratulations my beautiful sister, and welcome to the world wee beaut.
We love you and can't wait to spoil you and feed you candy because you wont be allowed those in your house. which will be on a mountain. accessible only by rock climbing. and traversing a steep waterfall and grand canyon.
Fai aku ai fo'i.
Viia le Alii!!! 

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