Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was sitting with a friend yesterday afternoon, under a shady pohutukawa tree, away from the hot sun. 
We, drinking white wine in moderation and glancing at the children occasionally.
They, playing and eating watermelons and sand. 
Every now and then, we would gather up the energy to reach across the mat to open the cooler/esky/chilly bin.
And refill our cups discreetly. 
We, started talking about things and this and that.
She, started whining about the corruption in Samoa and politics.
And while she spoke, I had a moment of clarity,..so much so, that I couldn't hear her anymore, 
I realised there and then that, 

"I really don't give a shit"

...and so I re-focused my attention to the wine, but no longer in moderation.

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