Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ai fo'i o se ......

I have this mental thing I do when I read the news,...I try to picture who they are talking about...and I have a funny feeling I am spot on with the ethnicities in following article.

Hint: Man ditches pregnant ex and starts anew with new girlfriend, pregnant ex gathers up her army of angry panties and head to home of ex to beat the shit out of the new loverrrr, she who doesn't take the beating lying down and so on and so forth.

Hmmm....that's a trick one aye....could be a  _ _ _ _ _ n or _ _ _ _ _ n.

Story on by Rob Kidd
Headline:  Pregnant woman stabbed in love triangle row
A pregnant woman was stabbed in the chest in South Auckland after a love triangle turned bad last night.

The incident unfolded after a woman and two female friends drove to her ex-partner's house in Weymouth to assault his new girlfriend, a police spokeswoman said.
When the trio arrived about 10.30pm, they found several people drinking and a confrontation developed in the driveway.
After threats of violence the woman's friends fled the Taitimu Dr property and she sought refuge in a neighbour's house, where she asked for police be called.
But before they could respond, the woman was dragged out of the house and back to the original property.
More people then came out of the house and a violent altercation took place, the spokeswoman said, which allegedly involved the pregnant girlfriend of the woman's ex-partner.
The woman who planned the attack was knocked to the ground and was struck on the face and body as she lay there.
During the melee, the woman took out a small serrated steak knife she had concealed and lunged upwards, stabbing the pregnant woman in the chest. the spokeswoman said.
She then fled to another neighbouring property but was followed by associates of the pregnant woman.
A second altercation took place, which involved punching and hair-pulling, the spokeswoman said.
The woman eventually fled and hid before police arrived and found her.
The pregnant woman was taken to Middlemore Hospital and though initial reports suggested she had gone into labour, a Counties Manukau District Health Board spokeswoman said that was not the case and both mother and unborn child were in a stable condition.
Police spoke to witnesses last night and a scene examination was completed.
Photos of the scene would be taken today and other residents on the street would be interviewed.

I surely hope that this Casanova is hung like a horse and Spartan warrior-like in bed because this melee (fukiga ulu/ kipiga kaliga / sasaega guku) is the stuff of legends.

Goddess of Stupid-women.-quit-fighting-over-non-commital-madafraccas.

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