Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Much to celebrate this week,

1: My cousin Rem and her husband Hex have graduated from Malua yesterday, congratulations! Rem, Granma is looking down from the heavens proudly that one of her grandchildren has carried on the work for our family. Malo le fa'aea aiga ma le lua galulue punouai I nei tausaga e fa. Viia le Alii.

2: My brother has tied the knot with his love, (about time too!) in Haast. We are sad we can't be there but I looks like they have a fantastic time....we'll party properly when we get to Savai'i, hihi.

3: One of my amazing friends from high school now sits at the UN climate negotiations table as co chair, something that is very critical for Small island nations...having a voice at this level and someone who stands her ground. Well done Anne! Yes, she's young and she's Woman. power to the women (:

4: Manu Sevens winning the Dubai Sevens, and watching the usual two die hard supporters Nets and Malelega sling it out, ahem - on the sideline...well done Manu boys.

5: Joshua Tiatia, my little nephew comes first in his class, proud of you boy!

6: Any other achievements, please remind me on fb,...and for non achieving milestones, ahem - shall we keep those under wraps for now? Ta. ...don't wanna ruin the moment, cheers.


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