Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the light of the moon, Samoa powers on

Wishing you all a belated Festive season whereever you are.

Christmas is a bit awkward for many people around here, some have lost everything in the floods during Cyclone Evan. Very sad.

There are still hundreds staying at centers around the country trying to figure out what to do next.

The power is slowly coming on but lots of areas with none.

No water, we had to perfect the kaele from the pakeke all over again,....and when it rains, all the buckets are out.

But lets focus on the bright side shall we?

-Straight hair was never me, the frizz is rather en mode at the moment.
-Sales of antiperspirants and perfume has increased.
-People are more united in the aftermath of this adversity,....families and neighbours washing clothes at the river. SHowering at peoples houses with water, charging your phone for free at others houses and eating at someone elses. Thank you. Good relations forged.
-Having good relations with shpkeepers and it results in having an ice pack smuggled into the car. Good stuff Paul.
-Canned food is back,....crack open a pispupo, elegi, wahoo, voila, Dinner is served.
-Candle lit dinners with the family...oh joy. Not.

Ultimately, not having these water and power privileges is a reminder to me of what i take for granted. I realise that when darkness falls, It truly does.
And in that darkness, when the moon rises, the light touches softly on the canyon below, and you see only the branches of the bare trees and fires lit in hastily built shacks where families gather in prayer. Bless.
It is beautiful and calm and appeasing.
Despite all the misery in the world, I look around me and count my blessings because i live in such a beautiful place.
okay, better bugger off, my warm Vailima is calling,

Alofa atu and we are off to Savaii today for moms birthday, so ZERO internet BUT, running water and electricity...chooohooo!

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Laura said...

Showering with a bucket out in the open was not how I envisioned my holiday in samoa to include... but thank the Lord we have power and water again...

Going to my distant relative's house every day to charge my phone was always embarrassing...

and warm drinks from the shop... ugh...

definitely made me open up my first world eyes to see that it's the little things that matter and sometimes, the big things just get in the way that we can't see them.