Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I hope my blog makes you hungry

I just read through an article in the Waikato Times, Diet Blogs risking lives

Experts warn that online "thin-spiration" blogs are encouraging life-threatening behaviour among slimmers, with girls as young as six being treated for severe eating disorders
This worried me because I just posted about attempting to eat healthy.

Please, I don't ever want a reader to come onto my blog and feel they need to get thinner.

In fact, I plead with you now, go butter yourself some bread, layer it with mayo and corned beef before you sit back down. For good measure, insert a leaf of lettuce.

If you have read more than two entries from this blog, please get back up and reward yourself with some fried eggs in mayo, pepper and sprinkle some salt.

If you feel lethargic, wander onto for real culinary inspiration.

You are beautiful, eat and be happy....but make sure you are doing some exercise as well, like walking.
To the dairy.

Thank you,

Goddess of Food,


Limu anyone?

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