Monday, December 17, 2012

Cyclone Evan left a mess in many parts of our beautiful Samoa ):

And being away makes it so hard, knowing my family, and all of Samoa are trying to get back on their feet...who is thinking about Christmas when someone hasn't got a home ):

Grateful for social media for keeping us afar informed of the events in Samoa.

I camped on Lagipoiva's, Jordan's page, then Seti Afoa's pages watching the cyclone happen.
Thanks Misa Vicky Lepou, Lagipoiva and Michael Field for up to date reporting of the cyclone on mainstream media.

Big faamalo to DMO team, Filomena, Toa'i and Vaito'a for the updates, what a fantastic job well done!

-If you want to help, send money to your family in Samoa,...they need the money.
-You can also top up their Digicel phones from here.
- Go online and do their grocery shopping and suprise your family or people you know with goods they desperately need.
Here's the link to online shopping: in Samoa.

Also, update from Savaii, (Savaii Samoa Tourism Association):

Talofa lava fans and friends of SSTA,

This is to let you know that Savaii was most fortunate to have been spared from damage from the recent Hurricane Evan! All our operators are up and running as per usual. Our interisland ferry service recommenced yesterday and Samoa Air is operating its usual air taxi service in between both islands!! Please do not stray from your plans to visit us on the Big Island as this is most probably the best way you can help to ensure that the whole country gets back on its steady feet again!! Manuia le vaiaso!!.

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