Monday, December 03, 2012

A night out with the golden oldies

The oldies (my aunt and uncle, both members of the RSA) invited me to their end of year christmas do, for their Multicultural dance group.
I have helped them this year, thus the invite.

As expected, my aunty forgot the address of the restaurant, so Galdalf and I headed to a bar to quench our thirst while she figured out where we going.

Its a BYO Chinese restaurant. And the people we were going with made sure it was a BYO.

Bring your own full Chill bins and xlarge boxes of booze.

Needless to say, the group were speaking Mandarin after appetisers.

And someone was saying things like "Don't waste the food, we can take it away in piggie bags"...I suspect she meant doggie bag. but nevermind.
Towards the end of the night, a guitar is played and drunk diners are singing "Its a long way to Tiperarry" and "Isalei".

On our way home, we pull up to Avondale RSA...because RSAs are all the rage around here. (Right).

And hello Talofa, half the Samoan church community of Avondale are in there, hammered a few hours before Holy Communion.
Most of the elders are sitting, almost lost behind their booze - struggling to stay upright.

A tall man gets up and takes off his tshirt, and shoes - and hits the dance one bothers, because he is a regular. Apparently.

He comes to our corner of the bar and announces in atriculate Queen's English
"I am Malielegaoi! I am a Paramount Chief and do you know the Prime minister of Samoa? he is like a boy. Like my son. I have a dream today" and then he breaks out into a funky dance.

Meanwhile, Gandalf heads to the bar and asks about Topless Tuesdays.

These oldies know how to have fun I tell ya.

But this is too much for my young mind, I need to hang out with people my age!
Under 30 (:

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