Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the light of the moon, Samoa powers on

Wishing you all a belated Festive season whereever you are.

Christmas is a bit awkward for many people around here, some have lost everything in the floods during Cyclone Evan. Very sad.

There are still hundreds staying at centers around the country trying to figure out what to do next.

The power is slowly coming on but lots of areas with none.

No water, we had to perfect the kaele from the pakeke all over again,....and when it rains, all the buckets are out.

But lets focus on the bright side shall we?

-Straight hair was never me, the frizz is rather en mode at the moment.
-Sales of antiperspirants and perfume has increased.
-People are more united in the aftermath of this adversity,....families and neighbours washing clothes at the river. SHowering at peoples houses with water, charging your phone for free at others houses and eating at someone elses. Thank you. Good relations forged.
-Having good relations with shpkeepers and it results in having an ice pack smuggled into the car. Good stuff Paul.
-Canned food is back,....crack open a pispupo, elegi, wahoo, voila, Dinner is served.
-Candle lit dinners with the family...oh joy. Not.

Ultimately, not having these water and power privileges is a reminder to me of what i take for granted. I realise that when darkness falls, It truly does.
And in that darkness, when the moon rises, the light touches softly on the canyon below, and you see only the branches of the bare trees and fires lit in hastily built shacks where families gather in prayer. Bless.
It is beautiful and calm and appeasing.
Despite all the misery in the world, I look around me and count my blessings because i live in such a beautiful place.
okay, better bugger off, my warm Vailima is calling,

Alofa atu and we are off to Savaii today for moms birthday, so ZERO internet BUT, running water and electricity...chooohooo!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cyclone Evan left a mess in many parts of our beautiful Samoa ):

And being away makes it so hard, knowing my family, and all of Samoa are trying to get back on their feet...who is thinking about Christmas when someone hasn't got a home ):

Grateful for social media for keeping us afar informed of the events in Samoa.

I camped on Lagipoiva's, Jordan's page, then Seti Afoa's pages watching the cyclone happen.
Thanks Misa Vicky Lepou, Lagipoiva and Michael Field for up to date reporting of the cyclone on mainstream media.

Big faamalo to DMO team, Filomena, Toa'i and Vaito'a for the updates, what a fantastic job well done!

-If you want to help, send money to your family in Samoa,...they need the money.
-You can also top up their Digicel phones from here.
- Go online and do their grocery shopping and suprise your family or people you know with goods they desperately need.
Here's the link to online shopping: in Samoa.

Also, update from Savaii, (Savaii Samoa Tourism Association):

Talofa lava fans and friends of SSTA,

This is to let you know that Savaii was most fortunate to have been spared from damage from the recent Hurricane Evan! All our operators are up and running as per usual. Our interisland ferry service recommenced yesterday and Samoa Air is operating its usual air taxi service in between both islands!! Please do not stray from your plans to visit us on the Big Island as this is most probably the best way you can help to ensure that the whole country gets back on its steady feet again!! Manuia le vaiaso!!.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tropical Depression Update for Samoa

In the last five hours since our Briefing #2, the tropical depression is still maintaining its strength of 30knots close to the centre, and have moved east north east within the last five hours at the speed of 14knots. The winds are not picking up strength because the size of the wind field is small. There is 100% level of confidence that the depression will continue to move towards Samoa. 

The global models is forecasting the system to intensify from midnight tonight with potential to cause heavy downpours/rainfall affecting the whole country and possible gusts of up to 25 knots. At this stage, the Tropical Depression has not been named as a tropical cyclone as it has not meet all the thresholds to warrant such.

We continue to maintain our advice with regards to preparedness measures by response agencies as per our briefing #2.

The next update will be provided at 1500hrs today.

BUT - I remain optimistic (because its all I can do anyway!)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Malietoa Tanumafili II

What a beautiful tribute by the Bahai Faith.

This is what I love about Bahai, they are so much about faith and unity and love. Eh, Kai magaia.
Far cry from my own ahem financial house of God.
Bahai tribute to Malietoa Tanumafili II.
I miss Malietoa, he was such a kindred spirit.

Drugs in paradise

Sometimes, I wish I didn't know ANYTHING at all about drugs in paradise.
But when you sit with someone and they let you in on this 'other' side of paradise, you can't help but listen intently.
If I had the time and was bulletproof, I would have loved to write a book about this fascinating side of Samoa.
But yeah, for now, let me just be the amused listener laughing at what people do when they are on a high. 

Goddess of Ganja. 


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I hope my blog makes you hungry

I just read through an article in the Waikato Times, Diet Blogs risking lives

Experts warn that online "thin-spiration" blogs are encouraging life-threatening behaviour among slimmers, with girls as young as six being treated for severe eating disorders
This worried me because I just posted about attempting to eat healthy.

Please, I don't ever want a reader to come onto my blog and feel they need to get thinner.

In fact, I plead with you now, go butter yourself some bread, layer it with mayo and corned beef before you sit back down. For good measure, insert a leaf of lettuce.

If you have read more than two entries from this blog, please get back up and reward yourself with some fried eggs in mayo, pepper and sprinkle some salt.

If you feel lethargic, wander onto for real culinary inspiration.

You are beautiful, eat and be happy....but make sure you are doing some exercise as well, like walking.
To the dairy.

Thank you,

Goddess of Food,


Limu anyone?

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Samoan attempts to eat healthy

This week I am attempting to eat healthy.

At midday, I was feeling cold, and lightheaded.

By 2 pm I was a bit restless, having eaten an unappetising salad with feta and tuna.

At 3pm, I realised I couldn't go on, so walked to Wendys and ate a burger.

Healthy eating starts tomorrow.

Much to celebrate this week,

1: My cousin Rem and her husband Hex have graduated from Malua yesterday, congratulations! Rem, Granma is looking down from the heavens proudly that one of her grandchildren has carried on the work for our family. Malo le fa'aea aiga ma le lua galulue punouai I nei tausaga e fa. Viia le Alii.

2: My brother has tied the knot with his love, (about time too!) in Haast. We are sad we can't be there but I looks like they have a fantastic time....we'll party properly when we get to Savai'i, hihi.

3: One of my amazing friends from high school now sits at the UN climate negotiations table as co chair, something that is very critical for Small island nations...having a voice at this level and someone who stands her ground. Well done Anne! Yes, she's young and she's Woman. power to the women (:

4: Manu Sevens winning the Dubai Sevens, and watching the usual two die hard supporters Nets and Malelega sling it out, ahem - on the sideline...well done Manu boys.

5: Joshua Tiatia, my little nephew comes first in his class, proud of you boy!

6: Any other achievements, please remind me on fb,...and for non achieving milestones, ahem - shall we keep those under wraps for now? Ta. ...don't wanna ruin the moment, cheers.


Monday, December 03, 2012

A night out with the golden oldies

The oldies (my aunt and uncle, both members of the RSA) invited me to their end of year christmas do, for their Multicultural dance group.
I have helped them this year, thus the invite.

As expected, my aunty forgot the address of the restaurant, so Galdalf and I headed to a bar to quench our thirst while she figured out where we going.

Its a BYO Chinese restaurant. And the people we were going with made sure it was a BYO.

Bring your own full Chill bins and xlarge boxes of booze.

Needless to say, the group were speaking Mandarin after appetisers.

And someone was saying things like "Don't waste the food, we can take it away in piggie bags"...I suspect she meant doggie bag. but nevermind.
Towards the end of the night, a guitar is played and drunk diners are singing "Its a long way to Tiperarry" and "Isalei".

On our way home, we pull up to Avondale RSA...because RSAs are all the rage around here. (Right).

And hello Talofa, half the Samoan church community of Avondale are in there, hammered a few hours before Holy Communion.
Most of the elders are sitting, almost lost behind their booze - struggling to stay upright.

A tall man gets up and takes off his tshirt, and shoes - and hits the dance one bothers, because he is a regular. Apparently.

He comes to our corner of the bar and announces in atriculate Queen's English
"I am Malielegaoi! I am a Paramount Chief and do you know the Prime minister of Samoa? he is like a boy. Like my son. I have a dream today" and then he breaks out into a funky dance.

Meanwhile, Gandalf heads to the bar and asks about Topless Tuesdays.

These oldies know how to have fun I tell ya.

But this is too much for my young mind, I need to hang out with people my age!
Under 30 (: