Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sexual geographies and saving a life

In recent days, PM John Key was in trouble for saying "That's so gay" to a guy wearing a "gay-looking" tshirt on radio.
He defended his statement by saying kids say it all the time.
This is true, kids say this all the time here in Aotearoa, and during our programmes with young people, when they don't like something, they say "Thats gay".
I constantly have to restrain my right hand for uppercutting their chins. Because, you see, its an educational programme and physical abuse is only reserved for a classroom in Savaii. Pity really coz some of these kids need it....but hey, stop it, Violence is not the answer! haha.

Now, the reason I write this is rather selfish....its not in defence of gays or lesbians or gravies or whatnot.

It's more so to say, ...Gay bashing is so so so last season, get over it people!

When I went to uni to study Geography, most people thought I was testing soil samples and studying cartography....well, partly. Most of the time, I was choosing papers that were more Human geography...more people geography.
What I loved was learning about sexuality identities, and about gendered spaces...wow, my brain was suddenly awake.

You see, I come from a place where we keep bragging about the third gender, we keep boasting about how they are socially accepted and so forth.

But in reality, there is much more that we do not discuss, because it is tapu.
We love the third gender for their entertainment value and floral arrangement-designer-comedian value, but otherwise, we bow our heads in prayer and look the other way when the priest condemns homosexuality.

But like said before, I ain't defending no one, as I have yet to meet a third gender with insecurity issues....more the contrary, they are security threats if I disagree with them. Pugi.

What we all need to accept is this, people are different, all of them,...we need to celebrate everyone's uniqueness and accept people for who they are.

If you like them, good.

If you dislike them, chus walk away and don't waste your breath speaking ill of them.

Remember, you speaking ill of someone without real basis can have very very negative implications. E fai vae o tala, Stories have legs, and in Samoa, stories, or tall tales have legs faster than Hussein Bolt except those legs multiply and reproduce, so be careful what you say.

Be prepared to accept change in this world and be prepared to accept people for who they are., we have had so many young people take their own lives partly because they are misunderstood (And no, that is NEVER an excuse for taking your own life, seek help!)...so please, be open minded, shut up and listen for a change, and smile....you never know whose life you are saving today.
And if you think no one understands you, then please stay around and in time, they too will understand, but for now, you are important, you are special and don't ever forget that.

Choose Life please, because there is only one of you....you are unique!
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