Friday, November 30, 2012

Prize Givings make me cry

Reading articles in the Samoa Observer about prize givings makes me cry.
Yes, Goddesses do cry.
I cry suddenly because it is such an emotive event, seeing a student win and seeing their parents standing proudly by their sidek, humbled (tear jerking moment).
When I think of prizegiving in Samoa, it just about hurts my heart with pride and memories.
Goddesses have hearts. Shock horror.
Prizegiving for me was a fusion of mosooi fragance and teuila, departure, perfectly ironed uniforms and the suspense,...oh the suspense of 'Who is going to be Dux?"
Not I, said the Goddess.
In any case, it is the moment when nothing else matters but victory, praise, recognition and celebration.
I was not always a brilliant student. In fact, I was sorta middle of the road kind of diva with strengths in other areas. Uh huh.
But nothing inspires and challenges me more than prizegivings....seeing someone else walk on that stage. Wow!
"Song playing in my head: It should have been ME!"
I sit there and think "Next year I am gonna walk that aisle and get that prize...I'm gonna study hard and make my momma proud. No more kafao. Study hard, so help me God"
And then it happened, I came first in my class, but did I hear my thoughts?
Not with the choohoooo my mother was sounding from the back of Tooa Salamasina hall to the front and down the seawall, along with the singsong narrative about how her years of catching the boat from Savaii have been rewarded, so praise be and choohoooo".

Indeed, prizegivings make me cry, but not always with pride and happiness.

"That's why I don't try to come first in class, because I don't want my mother to choohooo and tell my life story to the world." Goddess of Savaii.

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lilidonna said...

Love this! :) The nostalgia...

ps. Your mum sounds awesome! lol