Monday, November 26, 2012

Pacific Education Plan - island style.

This was launched last week down the road by the Minister of Education and co., much to the dissapointment of many in the education sector as it fails to address bilingualism-Pacific languages...among other legei ma lega.
There was much talk and faigagukus prior to the event about how the plan has failed, then an advocacy group called Raise Pasifika who co-authored insisted on removing their association with the Plan because 'it wasn't bold enough' then someone else in the media said Pacific leaders are divided over this and so on.

I'm sitting here thinking, ....Pacific leaders (including Raise Pasifika) where is your tofa mamao?
As co-authors, leaders and all those who drove this blaali Plan and pushed us common people (who were busy enough anyway) to be part of the consultation process, that really what you have resorted to? Bailing out at the 11th hour? 
Kua kaea kele se kou advocacy.
Aue Malia e, we are in deep Pacific shit.


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