Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Congratulations and buy the e-book now, .99cents only!

Congratulations Albert Wendt for winning the Prime Minister's Award last night in Wellington.
Yet another achievement, malo le finau i mea lelei ma le fa'aea atunuu.
As part of this celebration, I see on his facebook page that he is doing a special deal with Amazon for his book:
 Sons of the Return Home for 0.99cent only.

seki a !

One day later,

Wow - may I confess now that this is the first ever e-book I have purchased via Amazon?
Wow friggin wow - this is addictive.
Thank you Panipopo for the gift of Amazon addiction and thank you Albert Wendt the e-book.

But may I be a dinosaur and say, I prefer my books in paper form and I like the feel and the smell of a book. I'm a Judas like that,...I want to see it to believe it.
So e-books are nice, but nah - bring on a hard, wholesome real book any day.


Goddess lost in the Amazon jungle.


Lani Wendt Young said...

I too like the feel of a real book...BUT Im now hooked on my lightweight little kindle because i can drag 300 plus books with me everywhere i go and read one ANYWHERE. Yes i love my print books still ( they look so intelligent on my bookshelf, LOL) but my kindle has stolen my reading heart!

panipopos said...

I'm with Lani on this one - my Kindle goes where I go. It's awesome for the modern-day pulp fiction that I read. Of course, some books I'll always buy in print eg. the better literature that's not available as ebooks, cookbooks, reference books.

Suga, if you're not reading on an e-reader, you should. Makes all the difference. Plus it saves loads of room from all the space books take up. But I guess it just depends on how reading-addicted you are - I'm beyond help. Welcome to the age of digital reading!

Goddess said...

ahem - 32 books later off amazon and its time to reassess my comments. I am a believer in e-books. Thank you Lani and Panipopo!