Monday, October 15, 2012

What I love about blogging in the Samoan world

The beauty of blogging for me is that it is my own little space to express my thoughts, experiences, smear tests and my own place to air my kagamea. 
Innit wonderful? Eio. 
But even more relieving is that I can write freely and spread my wings and fly, without worrying about exclamation marks and koma lilius and all that jungle.
And while everything today reeks of  instant and text and jargon and always changing, I can count on my blog to just be myself, without a care in the world.
Cue song "We are the world" by Michael Jackson.
So when I get abusive messages from people about what I write, it makes me smile. 
Because I sit here thinking,....No one told you to come here and sniff my toilet bowl.
Not one person dragged you over here to read my blog.
What Makes me smile even more is this:
Editors are quick to dish out the dirt but are the first to get a bruised ego when something is mentioned about them. ..something that is already IN the news.
So, the moral of this kagamea entry is this: Stop getting your Made in China underwear in a twist.
This is my blog, walk away if you can't handle the heat. .."chus walk away"
Also, next time you want to leave rude messages, try and be less obvious with leaving comments under random names and perhaps wait a few hours before posting as yourself.

And in case youre curious, the newpaper name starts with T and it rhymes with "Tago i ou fua"

Have a fabulous week my wonderful people (:

Lots of Love,

Goddess of Angry Editors


QueenB said...

LMAO! Oh how I love you, your dirty mouth and your blog!

You speakid your mind and don't give two shytes about what people think. You go girlfriend! haha.

Lol @ "T and it rhymes with Tago i ou fua.." haha... seriously had me rolling off my seat.

E le lalolagi e, ma putrido e tumu

Goddess said...

bahahah - kao i se umu se,....e sa'o ai lau kama foi lele "maua taavale ai Zuzu fai faatau aku choohoo!"