Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TOLT is gone ):

Yesterday, *TOLT returned to her home and I was left with the harsh realisation that I have to once again raise my own offsprings.
Oh what a shock to the system.
No more freshly pressed and folded laundry, and sleep ins and free live in babysitting/cooking/cleaning help.
Life will be different as we try to adjust to business as usual.
But having her here was also good for another reason.
She was strict with the littlies and did not tolerate them throwing toys around or munching on snacks and staying up late. It was all very orderly and made life easier.
I just need to keep it up, so help my Allah and the Au Farasaio.

In other news, we move to our new home on the 29th.

*Tina o le tamaloa

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