Friday, October 19, 2012

Need a Samoan food fix? go to Panipopos for inspiration.

I mentioned a few months ago that my favourite blog in the world is Samoa Food, by Panipopos.
I love browsing though her island recipes and she makes it seem all so blimmin' easy.
Even better is that her recipes come with the story of eating it as a child, and the descriptions make you really kafe your faua and takes you back to your own island memories.
When I came across her steaming puligi recipe, I thought of Safotu after the Christmas midnight service and the smell wafting out of homes, ...and the custard goodness. mmmmm.
Then there's the panikeke lapokopoko that reminds me of Sili, where you get them freshly out of the pot and put into cocohut husks, to take home...yummmmmilicious!
Then there's foods I can't stand, nor comprehend, like Sua Fa'i, which to me is ridiculous,...i mean, boiling sweet bananas? yukk - but again, she write about it like its the best thing ever...and makes me actually want to try it again.
Anyhow, she interviewed one of the authors of the Mea Kai Cook Book.
And all I was thinking was: OMG, the Next best thing is:
A Samoan cook book by Panipopo.
Wouldn't that be wonderful? Can you imagine all the coconuts scattered around the world will want a copy?!
It will do better than Mea Kai because she will provide context and the story bethind the story.
So yes please Panipopos - get crackin' on that cook book.
E nice aku ai au recipes gai lo le vaega ga, ua kele ia aka ae airena recipe maoa'e.(In English:
 It's nice to see wonderful recipes that we can all access. Keep it up).


panipopos said...

Oi, se suga, when you said link to the blog, I thought you meant to that interview of Dr Berno's, not this big flattering write-up. Ia fa'afetai tele lava for the mention, ma aua le faia fua le suafa'i, ok? It was my childhood polesi. I'll only do a cookbook if you agree to an interview, hahaha...nah, but seriously, next month? Imeli mai, k? Fa loa.

Goddess said...

A'e, o a ga interview? Hah, ...only if it's about food and I get food sent to me, haha. But seriously, do the darned cook book. You have fans al over the world!!!

panipopos said...

Ok, so your two conditions are FOOD and FOOD. Got it (typical bloody Samoan). :) You know, I've interviewed top chefs all over the world who asked for nothing? But OK, if that's what it takes to get an interview with the Goddess, sure.

Email me please so I can send you the questions (yes, about FOOD) because I can't find your email anywhere.