Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ironic Governance

What is Governance?
Simply put "governance" means: the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).

With that in mind, I found an article today on Samoa Observer regarding a Governance training:
The charges against the ACEO stemmed from the use of $1,150 of $4800 given to him by the Ministry of Women to run a training programme on governance from 21 to 24 November 2011.

Ironic, huh?
But then Judge Vui wins in the end with this statement:

“Like my mother always said to me ‘be careful son the road to hell is paved by good intentions’,” said Justice Vui"
                                                                  Borrowed from this Samoa Observer story

And the moral of the story is?
Makua'i leai a se moral o legei story. Thank you for visiting, manuia le aso.

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