Thursday, October 11, 2012

Head of State website is once again updated.

I told you a while ago that I loved going on the Head of State's website and reading his speeches. Remember? No? ...anyway.,
I  find his speeches very rich and deep and meaningful, e ese le loloto o le tofa.
So when speeches stopped appearing, I was a little sad and in April 2012, I emailed asking when it'll be udpated as the last speech was back in September 2011.

The response was this:

Thank you for your email. The website has not been updated since the time you mentioned. Ends.  

So, it told me nothing at all that I didn't already know. In fact, it told nothing more than what I already knew. And what I knew was Nothing at all.

As a result, I removed the website link from my Fobular site links, knowing that their content was ummm, obsolete and no one was updating the site. Sad face.

Yet another organisation/group/website that launches with a big bang and then ...nada.
This is the problem, fiafia puupuu tele tatou e update websites.

But I'm happy to report that it's been updated again,...more fascinating reads from Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese go on, have a sneak peek, using this link, but I still hav'nt forgiven his office for slackness and for an empty response, I give them 6 months probation before I can place them on the Fobular links.

Goddess Analysis of the Independence Speech
I was a little disspointed with this speech. Not just because of the title:
Samoa is not government; Samoa is family and brotherhood.  What happened to the sisterhood?  aue Malia e ...
But, I accept that this speech would have been perfect for the occasion, it ticked all the 'lets-please-everybody-that-matter' boxes, but something was missing for me here.
It was missing his usual depth and compassion.
It was also NZ heavy and so loaded with international references....which again means it was perfect for an occasion where the big kahunas were perched on their pedestals next to him.
But, it was genuinely missing Tuiatua, the traditional leader, the matai Samoa....this should have been his moment to inspire and fautua to all Samoans in this world and be the inspiration that he is, but he's missed the mark.
Nevermind. C+


panipopos said...

Have to agree with you on this one. The speech was kind of vapid. Wish he had told the Samoan story of struggle which I find much more moving and inspiring for the young'uns.

Goddess said...

eh kafafe panipopo, ia, faatali until im the HOS they i will tell a story haha - whats cooking this arvo at your house?