Friday, October 19, 2012

*Amazing restaurant on Queen street: Wooden Board.

I had to walk to K road to activate my new bank card, in the rain and I was cold and huuungry.

Anyhow, I asked the bank lady where I should go for food and she recommended a new place across the road, on upper Queen, opposite ASB Bank.

Its called Wooden Board and offers fantastic lunch options at unbelievable prices, All lunch options are from $5 to $17 but most items are $10.

Despite the low prices, the experience is that of a kaunak restaurant. You get given a glass water bottle as you sit down on the wooden chair and table. (ohh, thus the name! Goddess youre a genius!)

And you get helpful advise from the chef.

I am definitely going back with others because it is fabulous value.

Who could you take to this place?

- Your Palagi friends who like salads and rabbit food....while you inhale the Angus beef sandwich.

- Your island cousins who want to be seen walking into a restaurant - without losing your weeks wages and Sunday alofa.

- someone you want to impress, but may not be your actual spouse. Since its quite intimate and tucked away on a usually busy street. But don't blame me if you get backhanded by your wife on the way out.

- people in a rush

- someone on a budget

- someone who is really hungry

- people who want to be in a simple place that is not pretentious- and we know very well that is a rarity in Auckland city.

Okay, here's a picture of my chicken, avocado, tomato, relish in Turkish bread Island sized sandwich.

Thank heavens for this place.

*I don't get commission for this nor affiliated with this restaurant...I don't even get free food, but I do like to share with you all my 5 readers my great experiences in restaurants, among other things like books, places and gynaecologists.

And more to the point, we are more inclined to whine about a bad experience but slow to rave about the great meal or a good experience.

5 finemats for Wooden Board!



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