Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We are mean to our own

So I check into the hotel in Nadi and the young unsmiling receptionist quickly deals with me and send me along. I ask about Internt and she gives me the "oh fuck off look" and said "come later when the lady is here".
I return and hour later and she was like "what?"
I asked nicely, "Can I purchase an internet voucher please or do you have internet down here?"
She looks at me, unimpressed and walks off
a while later, another equally bored girl comes over
"Can I help you"
"Yes please, I was waiting for the internet, if its a voucher or if i can access it here, the other receptionist was going to get it"
"Nah, shes on her break"..and proceeds to type on her computer.
Now, I am fucked off and I ask her "Are you and your colleague always this rude to people or is it just me?"
She finally pays attention..."I want to see your supervisor NOW"
She puts on a wide smile and apologises, then the colleague pops out from the partition at the back and apologises too.
She said, "Oh, I thought you were Fijian"

wow - so its okay to be an asshole to your own?

I spoke to the Supervisor.

and FYI, dont ever stay at the hotel right across from Nadi Airport. I'm being diplomatic and not naming it, but its pretty obvious.

Suddenly Fijian Goddess.   


RHD said...

Raffles - and if you get internet it will cost you 25FJD for like ten seconds - don't forget tripadvior- they hate bad reviews

its just moi said...

oh please...name and shame them!! so much for the country leading tourism in the pacific!!

Goddess said...

errr, i'll name and shame on trip advisor "AFTER" my last stay this week...i dont want to be strangled in my sleep haha...and also, the restaurant food is appalling...but again, AFTER this week - (:and it was prebooked and paid monhs ago so i cant xx it either.