Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Separating the juice from the mango.

In Saint Theresa Savaii, there was a tall mango tree that stood next to the Church.
It bore green, salty, hard fruit.
When Sister Losa rings the bell for interval, we quietly tip toe past the tamaligi tree and up the wire fence, over the rock wall and through the pig sty, just to buy green, salty hard mangos, for 10 cents each.
With salt.
oh yeh - best 10 cents spent!

anyhow, that was just a mini distraction, the gist of this update is:

After a few weeks of kinky posts and non-Christian manouvers, I have decided to create a separate blog where all my polite well mannered perfect virginal Samoan girl posts will go.
I will leave all the kinky fuckery on this one and everything else....this Fagogo will remain.
I only have one favour to ask though....that when you do find me on my virginal page, please don't say my real name or refer to my kinky updates or this blog altogether....i'm trying to clean up my image, in the only way I know:
By faking it.

Thank you for coming and remember, Explicit here, Virgin there.....don't mix it up.
In appreciation,

Multiple Personality Disorder Goddess.

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