Friday, September 28, 2012

Post Solomon Islands reflection

After the Solomon Islands, I reflect:

- Great friends who made things happen and fun and interesting - friends make life more tolerable, if only to just vent and reflect.
- Crayfish for $20
- Fresh coconuts, papayas, bananas
- Sweetest pineapples I've ever tasted, from Malaita
- Happy carefree young people who want to succeed, irrespective of the challenges.
- Learning about the journey of someone who came from the humblest of beginnings, succeeded and defied the odds. Wow!
- Being reminded that something as simple as talking to someone is a mammoth task for someone else.

- Being reminded that I take so so much for granted, therefore, coming back, I am suddenly reviewing my surroundings with renewed and refreshed, I have a computer that works, and wow - I have a job! and double wow - I am so so lucky!

- Seeing how people live in Auki, in their traditional homes, tending their gardens (because they are self-sufficient) and seeing children playing in the river with floating logs and sticks...they have no money but are content...suddenly I felt so selfish thinking about our mortgage and the need for a bigger house...I don't need that! (sorry Gui).

- Being away for the longest time and thinking about my children, and imagining holding my son's hand, where it is soft and pudgy and seeing him smile (in my head) before he headbutts me in the nose and my daughter reading her book to me in bed, and hearing her singing in my head. I missed them terribly, but Im back and holding them close, yes, I missed my babies!

- Ultimately, this trip humbled and reminded me that what i do is not about the numbers, it is about people and their lives and it has ripple effect on their communitites. I am able and I can do it. So help me God because I am about to max my budget.

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