Monday, September 03, 2012

Mikaele Pesamino, someone out there, please give him a chance!

Most of us who follow rugby, or even those who have glanced at a Samoa sevens game over the last few years saw a brilliant player, Mikaele Pesamino. He was THE MAN.

Then, shortly before the World Cup, Sale Sharks in Engrand announced they were signing him up. Then, he was in Auckland, and there apparently, according to the media, he has visa issues, etc, but then his father told Samoa Observer that he didn't sign because "he thought he had signed with a league club".

Anyhow, very sad and dissapointing, and then the English side dropped him because, well, because he wasn't there.

And there were also issues regarding his actual agent in Samoa, Feleti Tuilagi and Faafouina Sua,...why didn't they act on his behalf and worked this through with the guy?

Anyhow, I'm only writing this because I have seen the guy several times now out on the prowl in Hood Street, Hamilton, completely off his face. I also found out that he is playing for ..hmmm, how should i say this 'playing for a bloody crappy team in in Te Awamutu., and wait, its not even a club team as such, its the teams that get boozed on friday and then staggers onto the field on Saturday.(ahem - because i know some of them useless rugby players).

It makes me worry that this talented sportsperson is wasting his talents in Te -friggin Awamutu when he could be earning mega bucks in any good team in Europe or Japan or ...anywhere!

man, what a waste of if you know a rugby agent out there who is up for a challenge and revive a's your note though, you may have to go past the bushes and the long drop to pick him up and maybe hose him down, but yeah,...he might do a magical comeback and get your hefty commission
Pe'a leva.

Check out this hilarious youtube vid with Mikaele and Sumeo, the funniest man that ever lived):


QueenB said...

Love your blog posts Fotu! :)

Please right another 50 Shades post, for us dirty minded people lol

Oh and are you by any chance related to the Cherelle J? Just being nosey. Lol

Goddess said...

oopsie, uuum, yeah, we are related unfortunately haha...she was reading ur blog and trying to figure out your name hah. im gonna set up the fifty kinky fuckery for another blog pea maua se taimi, onosai mai i le laina