Friday, September 28, 2012

Malaita, Solomons

Definitely one of the more memorable flights I've taken in moi young loife (:

I flew to Malaita and after this landing, I had a rethink about my life,
...I caught the boat back and I'm buying a lotto ticket today (:
That aside, I had a great time here because it was a refreshing cool green and welcoming haven after the dust of Honiara. I stayed in Auki, the 'centre' where trading, market and the trading center of the Island and surrounds.

There is one main hotel near the new market called Rarasu. I was supposed to stay here but due to island planning, I was not booked....but I had to come here for all meals. The restaurant is in the front and faces the lagoon islands.
In the evening, I look across the lagoon and see the lights flicker and noises of children and singing in a distance. I stand by the mangroves and felt so surreal being in this amazing place.
The restaurant is a project set up by the European Union and Rarasu owner. It is a basic large room, breakfast, lunch and dinner are always offered in 3 options...all very generous and lovely how there is abundance of local vegetables. Absolutely loved it here and reminded me that sometimes, eateries tend to focus on quantity of dishes, done poorly, but here, they do 3 options, perfectly.
Nuff said.

I stayed at Auki Motel, which is well fenced and I look into the Police Station across the road. All the occupants there: Ramsi officers from Australia,World Vision rep, VSA, Japanese engineers, Japanese etnobotanist, some Government Ministries and Save the Children consultant.
Wherever I went, I was presumed to be the 'Save the Children' consultant....nice try but no, I'm job i much less interesting, sorry.

Not far from Auki are the artificial islands....islands built with coral and then traditional homes are built atop on stilts (pardon the shallow descriptions). I met a woman there who owns one of the accommodation Serah Kei's Lagoon Hideaway ,but in typical slack island Goddess fashion, I forgot to charge my camera so I couldn't take plan is to go back and stay there. They are also part of the Langalanga Lagoon, experts in boat building and shell money...thus they are called 'the Factory' by the locals.

Beautiful place.

Early morning in Auki, the sun rises in the horizon and all is good in the world. Amen.

A 'loveheart' island, I took this photo for my Maeva, who LOVES anything loveheart-like.
As I waited for the boat to take me back to Honiara, people were carrying 'avegas' of pineapples, as Malaita is the home of the sweetest pineapples in the world. (or so I believe) and those boats go between Aiku and the Langa langa Lagoons where the artificial islands and shell money are made.  

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