Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its cheaper to be fat.

I found myself on Mangere Rd this afternoon, hungry and forgotten my wallet ...again!
Only $5 in the car ):
I was a little stressed, because my Samoan psyche was screaming out 'you need to eat, you only had 2 donuts for morning tea!' I pulled up to my favourite shop in Otahuhu, ...I'm sure I can afford a pork bun.
I asked for 1 and a pagikeke (lapokopoko) and hellacious, the shop assistant was like, 
"Pau ga?" clearly disgusted that she is wasting her time selling me only 2 items.
"Eio, I only have 5 strala"
"oi, but you can get 5 pagikekes for a tollar and 4 keke puaas, $1 each.
Wow - I did just that,...and everyone at my next appointment were like
  "A'e that's a rip off, cheaper at Pigakis"

...clearly, it is way cheaper to be fat than invest in being healthy (until you need dialysis that is).?.and I say this while I wipe the oil from my chin.

Chunky Goddess

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QueenB said...

That's some good food right there! Kiga fo'i maka i gei Salad.