Thursday, September 06, 2012

Flush out the bullshit in your life

Every time I see or hear someone moaning about how someone said this and that and yadayadapoo, I calmly shut down in my head, stop, drop and roll into fetal postion and mutter "Flush it out, flush it out"

The thing is, if someone is such a polluter and negatively affecting you, why put up with it?
Just find something else to talk about, or better yet, don't talk at all to that person.
Move on.
My concern is this, if that person is talking shit to you about someone else, what makes you think they don't do the same about you?
...stop moaning about it and get on with life, surround yourself with people that make you happy, challenge you (in a good way, not a fist fight sort of way) and build relationships that are meaningful.

I know, I know, you're probably rolling your eyes and ears about my uppity fiapokoness about it, BUT, I say this because I learn from experience.(auuu)
I used to be surrounded that that sort of bullshit, in reality and online....but if you learn to filter out the 'noise', remove pathetic superficial shallow infuences and be involved in things that are good for you, then life will be better.

So, the mantra for today is:
Filter out the Bullshit, Inject the goodness. Filter out the bullshit, Bring on the Goodness.

Ultimately, the question becomes: What do I achieve out of this?

Be happy in your own skin, if you envy someone on facebook, remember this: their shit stinks too and they are only posting the kodak moments.
Make your own moments. Because in the long run, that smiling happy facade is only fleeting. The moments that count are not captured in a sterile photo.
It's felt, its emotive and it is real.  Be happy in your own skin. Start today!

Now Dr Phil please fuck off my seat, I'm taking over this show.


QueenB said...

Haha Looove it Fotu :)

After today, I will most definitely be flushing out all of this oga-kae pollution that continues to plague my life.

Thank you Mrs Phil.


Bina said...

*Claps up and cheers with Oprah-studio-audience-esque adoration and tears*

Goddess said...

on the other hand, we wil have nothing to blog about if we ooze positive energy non stop...what a dull place, haha