Monday, September 10, 2012

Faith in men.

I live with a man who is absolutely frustrating sometimes.
Oh wait, he is frustrating Most of the time.
In fact, I feel the need to strangle him most days. But for some reason, I can't bring myself to accept that his absence will mean I have to take the rubbish bin out every Tuesday morning....and also, apparently, it's illegal in my country. Offerkoms.
Example of how irritating he is:
When he loses something, he will look for it in a half- arsed sort of way, and then 10 minuites later, he will be so angry that EVERYONE in the house will be on the floor looking for his fecking cufflink.

This last week, he has been impossible, because he has a stress fracture on his leg, its like he wants the whole fecking neighbourhood to have a stress fracture with him. Oh yeah, and NO ONE is allowed to be happy while he is down.

I sometimes feel like I should be the one growing balls to get some fecking work done around here.

At the rate we are going, I am very very close to busting his knee cap so he can truly know what pain is.

And fyi,....thats your punishment for telling all our female pregnant family and friends  that 'women are genetically engineered to pop out babies"

I leave you, Frenchy and all men with this message: "Until the day you can squeeze a watermelon out of your asshole, I suggest you shut up and support the women around you"

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