Monday, August 27, 2012

Otara Boulevard and Pacific entrepreneurs

Last Saturday, we were at the Otara markets doing the usual walking around eating our way through the stalls and vowing to exercise as soon as we finished our chicken kebab.
yeah nah, forget it.

We also went to cheer on the authors (like Lani Wendt Young) and other PI talents and enterprising islanders putting their work on display. Like I blogged about before, I love that Lani's writing has resulted in young people taking an interest in...a book!
Not a video game or a movie or a facebook status, but, a BOOK.

My 13 year old niece was curious about Telesa and is now reading part one, I look forward to discussing it with her but its a little frustrating.
Me: Si'u, what part are you in the book?
Si'u: She's just landed in Samoa.
2 hours later...
Me; Si'u, where are you now?
They are heading home.
One day later:
Me: Ua a?
Si'u: They are really angry at her and they are on the way to the house.
Me: Faleasi'u! kua leva ga e faikau ai ga le le'i oo a le kaavale! shiit (Yvonne, youve been reading for yonks and the car still hasn't arrived! hurry up!"

...Just when I thought there was hope for the youth of tomorrow, I get reminded to calm the hell down and wait.
Fanks you.

E iai la'u fa'asea faatatau i le polokalame i le Aso To'onai. Ua tatau ona sui le tulaga o tents ina ia mafai ona feoa'i pea tagata i luma o tents a'o loo fai faafiafiaga.
E le gata i lea, e fai lava sina fa'alea'a o le au tusi solo...e le manaia tele ona e faanoanoa ma tuga mataupu o poems, ae o le aso e tatau ona patino i e ua a'ea olo ma faia mea lelei mo o tatou tagata.
Ia, ae malo lava i e na lagolagoina lenei taumafaiga manaia,
E faia pea...(:


QueenB said...

Lol love it Goddess!

I have a 12 year old sister who's quite the opposite. She's read both books already and is asking if she can read 50 shades after me! I'm like "Ia pugi loa lou guku lou mea kaukalaikiki..!" lol

Lani Wendt Young said...

LMAO love it. The Hot Man is NOT into fantasy romance and the abundance of glistening abs is very off-putting to him - so HES reading Telesa and its taking him forever. So i bug him...what part are you up to...what are you up to now...and its driving me nuts that its taking so long, LOL

lilidonna said...

Ooh I was there too :) Had to haul my gorgeous cousin Filoi there for her beautiful performance.

ps. LOL @ your niece. Sounds like me... I can be a veeery slow reader also lol

Goddess said...

I knew filoi as a little cutie because I was same class as Sui, ....shat, is my age showing? ...lani, you were quite busy dealing with your fans and I have my two nightmares hanging off my skirts, thus why I didnt come to say hello. Queenb, that's funny, my niece asked the same thing but we have the same reaction, haha...

lilidonna said...

Wow! Small world! xx