Tuesday, August 21, 2012

O le'a vavae foe: The grey area between palagi democracy and Samoa village rule

In recent days, the events in Satapuala has proven again that not all is well on the Samoan front, particularly when it comes to governance and authority(or in this case, contested authority).
Many have expressed anger and disgust in the village for their forceful actions but it does require us to rethink the actions of Government and their unsustainable 'dictatorial' attitude to Samoan development.

Government can no longer 'bulldoze' their ideals in the name of development, because it cannot be development if those who live on the land are ignored and shunned, time and time again.

There are many issues here that is not only dividing our country, but it reminds us that e le toe valea umi fo'i tagata Samoa. (People are not gonna be that stupid any longer, ua uma foi na aso).

As humourous as it is, PM Tuilaepa's nonchalance and verbal play with words in dealing with ALL matters, is no longer welcome, nor funny.

He can't go on insulting people and then expecting them to respect a Government that rules with arrogance.
I remember the words of one Savaii man, 'only two things will cause a Samoan to spill blood, women and land".

Today, the latter reminds us that people will forget about christianity and protecting the peace. They will arm themselves with rocks and weapons to protect their lands and even more so, to show defiance against a Government that is not listening.

In the Samoa Observer, it showed a tearful village mayor (pulenuu) holding a letter from the MESC advising that his position has been terminated. I.e he aint gettin' that $$ in the bank nekk month.
I love the irony in this, he disobeyed his employer(Government) and then cried when he was reprimanded. Meanwhile, the village council continue to support him.
Isn't pulenuu an obsolete concept anyway? You are simply, a mouthpiece for the Government. It's a contract that the Satapuala mayor has knowingly severed when he listened to the wishes of his traditional leaders and ignored his modern master.

This event is regrettable on so many levels but in my mind, something had to give.

P.S. I only wrote this to sound smart because my name is getting tarnished with Fifty Shades porn, haha, kae...Part 3 coming up for the the dirty minds out there.


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