Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mr Ten Tala speaks (Part 3)

Part 1: Fifty Shades of Savaii
Part 2: Fifty Shades of Savaii Vaega Lua
Mr Ten Tala speaks (Part 3)

"Where do I type?
Here? auola, look at that,...seki a lau masigi baby, ogay, let me start, please read this with a open heart after I am gone"

My name is Polotu Paipa.
I come from the village of Savao, where the bible was returned.
I unterstand that my baby, my rock diamond, Titafa has told you apout me, and I excep that.
Bart, its only imbowdant that I tell you my side.
Because you know and I know from the depth of my soul, a coconut doesn't just sway.
It sways for a reason. (E le falala fua se giu, for the sake of our non English samoan speakers).

The first time my heart eloped was when I saw Titafa.
She had long black hair, maka magaia a si keige, lovely plump legs and watching her go'o move during volleyball made my thing stand like a Policeman at Ti'afau.
Anyway, she was the Virgin Mary in our White Suntay story.
I was the donkey.
Ia, as you know, I was very happy to be choose as the donkey because Titafa, I mean, Virgin Mary sat on the donkey on the way to Gerusalem.
Ia, that is the story of how my love for her grow and grow and I have a feelings for so long.
And I wrote my emotions in paper, like this: I was feeling like yams were suddenly growing on my body when I laid eyes on you, Titafa Tuituimeto.
But I forget other words because that letter never reached my pele, because it was intercept by her loud mouthed friend Taliana.
Now, I need to explain this better because like they say, you can try to hide the albino but he will show with the clarity of the water.
Taliana is someone I need to tell you about, my heart.
I know what I can do to you, for you because Taliana taught me things I never knew.
The first time Taliana grabbed me, I was walking home with my fishing net behind the mangroves at Sapali. Because it was shady under the mangroves, I didn't notice that Taliana was there, and before I knew it, Taliana was doing things to me that was astoundingly i-Mazing.
In fact, before this meeting, I knew a mouth was for eating and praying, but my Savior, there is more to the mouth of Taliana.
Right on that fishing net.
You might say to me, but he is a faafafine! but I say to you, "It doesn't matter, Taliana was there for me and my rugby team, teaching us how to make you enterchoy the experience, you all owe your happy-choy to Taliana"
Maybe you think light weight about me. You might feel I am just planter.
Your family might say to me, "Who are you, rancid pig?"
But I say this with a very humble soul,  Know me before you charge me.
"I am Polotu Paipa.
I am from a long line of hard working descendants of Paipas.
In fact, the original Paipa was borne from the first ava tree of Tagaloa-a-lagi.
Paipa visited to Pipiana and born was Paipipi, who visited to Polotutu.
Break the thatch and they settled in Savao.
Polotutu was a good looking man and he had many houses of children (fale kama), from many womens.
So you see, I am emerge from Polotutu's first visit to the woman from Palikai.
I may be barren of treasures from countries outside, but I give you something bigger, my heart and my hands that grow green.
I have 6 ekas of taro, taamu,  10 cows and 20 female pigs.
I may not be a high man working in a Government office and drive a car but with these rough hands and feet,
I will work strongly and with honesty to make you happy.
 I will roll you over and over and enjoy every bart of you because I want to make you my convenant, in front of your congreagation.
I want us to start our family and have our 10 children, as a mark of my undying love for you that will never end, for ever and ever to Pulotu and back"

Your heart and soul,

Polotu Paipa

(baby, come to the back of Tutete'e house, I want to munch your oyster).


Coconut Girl said...

LMAO ehhh se aikae ia o le fiu e aka koekiki kuli ka ika i lou aka soo. Magaia fika a Taliana...e le o feoki ai isi ma isi lol.

Kamakana Sagote said...

LMFAOL! I alofa to FaipoloTutu Paipa!

Kamakana Sagote said...

LMFAOL.I alofa to FaipoloTutu Paipa.

Lila Vagana said...

Can you please write a novel!

Lila Vagana said...

Please PLEEEASE write a novel!