Friday, August 17, 2012

Fity Shades of Savaii, Vaega Lua

Now, where were we?
Ah, yes...there was something jutting beneath my nervous thigh as the Lupe Siliva bus sputters past Salelavalu.
My Ten Tala man, ahhh, his arm is wrapped around my waist, fiddling with the hem of my lavalava while he stares ahead, a blankness about his face despite his wandering fingers.
I struggle to calm my beating heart while deep down...
I feel my stomach turn? flutter? aha...its not the belly, its further down. Pugi.
"Pa'umumuku! Slut bag!" hissed my subconsciouness, I did a mental backflip and kicked her in the face, There! now shut up.
My man rubs his nose on my shoulder and I feel his hands wander southward as we hit the unmarked road hump in Iva.
There's something absolutely exhiliarating about being fingered on a bus full of people, sacks of rice, pigs and chickens.
Words escape me, but I can assure you, it beats winning the church bingo on Saturday night.
On my, I...I think I just came in my Chan Mow panties. Halleluia.
But far too soon, the bus inches towards my village, Safuapalamimi.
As I try to get up, he whispers to my ear, "Gagei (tonight), behind the pastor's house. Baby, I'm gonna break your plastic bag".
I get up, now stunned and my face turns crimson, which is like, monumental because I'm brown.
But I brush my thoughts aside as I squeeze past the people, sidesteping gingerly over the flour bags and the taro and right before I elbowed the faafafine in the front seat, I tripped and fell right into the lap of the toothless supokako.
There is a uproar of laughter and this time, my face is now burning with shame, it is now, hibiscus red.
Shit happens, but only to me, right after being fingered.

The rest of the day flies by, as I quickly cut up the taamu for dinner.
My mind is restless as I accidently dig the sharp edge of the knife into my palm.
My mother calls out, "Aikakae, can't you focus on something without making a fool of yourself?..hurry up, feed the pigs then go ask Elegi for some salt!"
Before she turns, she looks at me with distrust and asked, "Have you fallen?"
I stepped back in horror,  "Mother, I have NOT fallen, I have not been with a man, that's so disgusting!"
Deep down, I am strangling my subconsciousness as she mouths off insult after insult.
"Good! We don't want you getting pregnant and becoming the joke of the village, and your Ekalesia will fall as see, protect your honour or I will snuff the life out of you girl, now wipe that whore smirk off your face!"

The day slowly turns, fires flicker in the early evening, hymns sung and pigs squeal under iron bars as I quietly make my way to the village pool.
My legs and arms are now itchy from the sap of the taamu.
I remove my CCK top and wrap my lavalava about me, sudden chilled by the coolness of the pool.
I immerse myself in the cold welcoming water and proceed to unravel my fasimoli kamea from the loofa (pulu). I raise my lavalava and someone mutters in the beckoning darkness,
"Nice your malu to eat suga"
I jump, feigning shock and displeasure but really, I'm in Seventh Heaven knocking Tagaloa-a-lagi off his pedestal...shuffle along mate, sexy hot Samoan woman coming right here"
He glides towards me in the water, like a confident turtle and very gently....very very gently...

(Public announcement: The rest of this story has been censored by the National Censorship Office of Samoa and the Council of Churches , lol)

     ............................  E fa'aauau pea

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LMAO seriously - too bloody funny girl!! malo lava, I hope there are more chapters when I get back - no pressure :)

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Hahaha se aikae ia oe se. This is a bloody good yet this year! Faaauau loa o lea ua uma uma free books o le amazon ga download ma faikau lol ua need gi mea fou.

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