Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That plane ride swallowed my Sunday.

We left Rarotonga on Saturday night, immediately after my last work do.

..where I ate limu (rimu in CI Maori) from Aitutaki, similar to ours but our grapes are a bit fatter..but same salty goodness, papaya, fish in coconut cream, rukau (luau) in coconut cream, chicken in coconut cream and um, coconut cream in coconut cream.

We went to the airport at midnight, got into AKL 4:45am, and by then, I was exhausted, and so were the rest of my familia, ...we got into our cold house, turned on the heat pump then crashed....including the usually hyper crazy Tui.

Woke up at 10am realising I needed to report back to work, but thankfully, they knew when my flight landed, except the fact that I lost a Sunday....and who can I claim that back from?

No one, now suck it up and get to work.

Right after these updates on fb, blogger, twitter, twatter ma isi mea faapena.



Goldgurl said...

Your kids are sooo good looking - seriously!! The pawpaw looks blimmin nice too lol!!

Goddess said...

omg, the pawpaws were beautifully sweet and juicy and yum...okay enough now, im back to NZ,