Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Samoan fundraising

Earlier this year, Su'a Sio, a New Zealand Member of Parliament tackled an issue that not many Samoans would have the, ahem - balls to raise:

Fundraising from Samoa.


He upset many by saying that Samoans in Samoa should cut down on fundraising trips to New Zealand.


The man got vilified on the Samoan radio station for dare saying those things, callers called him a plastic Samoan, someone who had no roots to his family, disloyal, misinformed, and a few other terms not permitted on this sacred space,...haha, ( but yeh, someone said pogaua).


Now, I for one and glad someone spoke up. Because this is a problem.


What I was not prepared for was older people calling in, to attack the MP and saying things like "we may be poor but we will give our last cent to our beloved ekalesia."


Then there were people calling in with heartbreaking stories of how they had to get loans after loans (with horrendous repayment conditions) to give to their village fundarisers and then having to stretch their $20 for the week to feed the children. In winter. In a house with no heating.


I love that we are so selfless, and so community-minded and so caring for the progress of others, those are qualities that speak volumes about our willingness to help out and give.


Giving is such second nature to us, giving more than we have and giving even when we are grossly disadvantaged about it.


okay, I shall eject myself here and go to my happy place before something breaks....because you know where I stand in this discussion.


Manuia le Vaiaso.


Totally unrelated image of the fabulous boys from Savai'i, (claiming them as Savaiians yeh) Tatau Dance Group, like them on Facebook







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