Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rain in Rarotonga

Day 3 in rainy Rarotonga and am loving the relaxed feel of this place.

I came here before as a teenager and then as a pisshead UNI student, now as a responsible parent (oi, I can see you rolling your eyes thanks).

Everywhere I look, I am remembering our time here with Malelega, ET, Aute and Dan. We spent most of our days by the pool,...and gawking at the gorgeous guys walking around.

As a UNI student, came for a conference on intellectual property and traditional knowledge and had no time for the pool, but plenty of after hour events with our conference colleagues and lots of alcohol consumed, but then my mom arrived and my drunken holiday ended.

She took me to church. Nuff said.

Rarotonga for me is Such an interesting place, it is beautiful but it is such a busy tourist haven that it has lost its authenticity. I'm just being an archaic dinosaur here for saying that but it's true. July being the peak season doesn't help, with three plane loads on Friday, the look of fatigue on the customs officers face mirrors that of the driver, the receptionist and everyone else we encountered the last 3 days.

but, I did come prepared for that...and I am not asking for more.

Okay, tomorrow we are going to show up uninvited to the samoans toonai on the island....can't wait, I've met two people we know already. She was head girl in Samoa college when I was there, she is also a relation of non other than the Telesa author herself..small world indeed.

I was tempted to ask which character in the two books resembled her, hahah.okay, not funny, but yeh...




Lani Wendt Young said...

She wont be able to answer you Fotu - because she hasnt read any of my books, LOL.

Goddess said...

Hah, you can always call a new character after her in book three and dish out your revenge, lol...oh, what are siblings for if not to 'un'notice your work,...I should know, I have 5!