Friday, July 13, 2012

Pass the axle please

The last two days, I've spent taking school leavers around to learn about what Science and Engineering is all about.

I even got into it a bit ( a lot) when we got to Chemical and Process engineering and the task was to separate various items through sieves as if it's a proper processing task, ...for us dummies, it was separating lollies and stuff using various err, stuff like a blow drier, wood, funnel etc...omg, I loved it!

Then at Mechanical engineering, we had to build a model car, we were given parts and off we went. I forgot to tell the professor I was the group leader and that I SUCK at anything related to engineering. when he told me to pass the axle and replace the geaR box, I kindly pushed the box of everything for him to find it himself, hah.

The last time I was in a science lab, Mr Tauafiafi was explaining something and he stopped halfway through and said "Nah, forget it, you won't get it" And proceeded to the next student.

But yeh, being in those classrooms and experimenting and hearing academics explain it like I was a 5 year old was, eye opening.

So for all you parents out there with teens who are not sure what to do with their lives or not certain what subject to take or not sure what else is out there, get them signed up for Open Days at whatever institution is of's free and it's only about 3 to 5 hours of fun and interactive days...and they get to kick ass and beat a mature student in putting together a model car that has ALL the instructors attached.




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